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ECL Test – Advice for Candidates


ECL Test – Advice for Candidates

  • Please check date, time and place of your exam before the day of the exam.
  • Please have your notification printed and bring it with you for the exam. Please check your personal data and in case you find any mistakes, let the exam site know it in e-mail at least one day before the exam date. You may find the list of our exam sites on our website: www.eclexam.eu
  • Please be on time and arrive at the place of examination at least 20 minutes before the start of your exam.
  • Please bring your picture ID with you (passport or ID). In the absence of a picture ID the exam site shall disqualify you from the exam. Student ID card is not accepted.
  • During the exam you can keep only the exam papers, your ID, and the accessories necessary to take the exam on your desk.
  • Please keep your mobile turned off during the entire exam session.
  • It is not allowed to talk to or bother your fellow exam takers.
  • If you are caught cheating or trying to cheat you will be disqualified from the exam.
  • Please bring at least two blue or black biro pens with you. Only blue or black biros are allowed at the exam.
  • Printed monolingual or bilingual dictionaries can be used during the Writing part of the exam with the exception of thematic dictionary. Furthermore handwritten notes and/or glossaries are not allowed to be used either. Please bring your own dictionary. Exam centres cannot provide you any.
  • Please listen to the invigilator (the person who supervises the exam) and follow his/her instructions. Please let him/her know immediately if you do not receive the appropriate test material, if you receive an illegible one or if it is incomplete.
  • Please read the instructions on your test carefully and follow them.
  • In case you are in doubt of what you have to do, please ask the invigilator. However, you may not ask for help in completing the exam task and the invigilator may not help you either.
  • You may leave the exam room when the invigilator allows you to do it. Please be quiet near the exam rooms.
  • In case you notice anything that may influence the outcome of the exam or the conditions under which the exam is conducted please let the invigilator know about it.
  • You may have a look at your results (oral and written exam results also) 30 days after the exam on your Personal Page by entering your password and your PID (personal identification number). You can have an access to your Personal Page through our website www.eclexam.eu Please note that we are not in the position to give you information on the phone.
  • For successful candidates certificates will be available approximately one month after the results are published.
  • The complete exam specification is available at: www.eclexam.eu

Important: Violating any of the above rules and those in the exam specification may result in disqualification. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Обращение директора

Уважаемые студенты!

Приветствую вас в Английском Экзаменационном Центре. На сегодня нам удалось завоевать доверие студентов и стать самым крупным в Украине центром тестирования на определение уровня знаний иностранных языков. Главным нашим принципом был и остается высокий уровень качества образования.

Мало кто не согласится, что успех студента во многом зависит от преподавателя. Именно поэтому все наши преподаватели имеют сертификат об успешной сдаче международных экзаменов. Образованию преподавателей оказывается особое внимание. У нас функционирует уникальный в Украине Training Center, где наши сотрудники могут повысить свою квалификацию, а желающие – подготовиться к сдаче международных экзаменов.

Основная специализация – подготовка к и возможность сдачи международных экзаменов. Мы являемся аккредитованным учреждением по подготовке и приему ряда ведущих международных тестов.

Благодарю Вас за оказанное доверие и буду рад видеть Вас в числе студентов Английского Экзаменационного Центра!